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Marketing Technology Manager Jobs

Marketing technology managers are responsible for the development and operation of marketing information systems for a company. They work with the sales department to ensure the proper use of technology platforms and track the Marketingproof effectiveness of sales campaigns. Other responsibilities include managing the company’s CRM system and web analytics platform. Some marketing technology managers may also oversee the implementation of new marketing technology initiatives.

The role of a marketing technology manager requires extensive experience in data driven marketing campaigns. The candidate must be networldking52 knowledgeable about marketing automation software, CRM, social media, email marketing, and customer segmentation. He or she should also have excellent decision-making skills and be familiar with A/B testing. For this position, at least 5 years of experience is necessary.

Marketing technology managers analyze data and determine which marketing strategies are working and which ones are not. They may also analyze purchasing data, website traffic, and form fills to make sure that their efforts are thedailynewspapers delivering results. This information will be used to improve marketing campaigns. They may be responsible for creating and maintaining website content and managing the technology.

A marketing technology manager works closely with the marketing team to determine the best marketing technology tvwish solution for the company. He or she will evaluate new technologies and make recommendations to the marketing team. He r7play or she may even develop customized solutions to meet the needs of the company.

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