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What Do You Think About High Street Brands and Fast Fashion?

There’s been much talk about the similarities between high street brands and fast fashion. Although the latter are less expensive and more accessible, both have their merits and disadvantages. Nevertheless, there is a difference between high street brands and designer labels. Both have the potential to make people feel good and to look good, but despite the similarities, both are not as ethical. Here are some of the differences between the two types of brands:

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The main difference between fast fashion and high street brands lies in their production processes. The first type of fast fashion involves outsourcing production, which means that workers aren’t paid fair wages. Moreover, fast fashion clothing is usually made by factories in underdeveloped countries that often do not have adequate working conditions and regulations. The second type of fast fashion is associated with a disposable mentality among consumers. In contrast, high street brands are environmentally friendly. Visit this website click here touch here and also visit and read more about

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Although the intention of high street brands is good, their business model is not. For instance, Zara is notorious for releasing 500 new items every week. This churn is a significant contributor to the estimated 300,000 tonnes of waste clothing produced in the UK annually. Of this, twenty percent ends up in landfills while eighty percent ends up in incineration. If you’ve never been a Zara customer, you can take the polluted, ill-conceived brand for a spin.

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