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Why Do Americans Love Small Businesses So Much?

Despite the fact that small newtoxicwap businesses account for 46 percent of all retail sales in the United States, they are still a popular and beloved symbol of American culture. Small business owners embody the American dream, and many consumers believe that buying from local businesses is more trustworthy and better than buying from a large corporation. In fact, tnmachiweb most studies show that consumers are more likely to trust a local small business than a large one.

This feeling of trust has led to some surprising results. In a recent survey, the Public Affairs Council found that 88 percent of Americans view small businesses favorably, and 68 percent said they would prefer to do business with small businesses over big companies. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Americans said they would isaidubnews rather do business with a small business than with a large corporation. The same study also showed that people viewed small businesses more favorably than they do churches and universities.

In the Pew pagalsongs Foundation’s “Why Do Americans Love Small Businesses” poll, 88 percent of Americans view small businesses favorably. While larger companies may be more profitable, most people feel that smaller businesses are more helpful. That sentiment is reflected in a survey by the Public Affairs Council. Similarly, a Pew Foundation survey revealed that todaypknews Americans are more likely to do business with small businesses than with larger organizations.

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