Why White Hat Seo Is Important Because Google

Doing white hat SEO or white hat SEO is very important because Google always values websites that do SEO properly and legally. A website that follows white hat SEO principles has a higher chance of ranking on search results pages. 

Note : Finding knowledge in doing SEO will help you understand more about Google Algorithm. We are a company that does SEO for a lot of Thai customers. At the same time, we are ready to share good knowledge in SEO with everyone. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to visit our website.

And can maintain that ranking more sustainably than using gray or black belt techniques that risk being penalized and banned from Google

In addition, doing white hat SEO also helps to build credibility and trust among website visitors. Makes the website more likely to attract and retain visitors by focusing on legitimate SEO practices such as following E-E-A-T Factor rules, Core Web Vitals rules etc.

Because even though doing gray or black hat SEO will make the website ranked high. quickly But it’s not as sustainable as the white hat SEO that Google considers to be more quality. Although it will see results later. But remember, slowly, you will get a beautiful mask, meow~

6 white hat SEO techniques that you must know!

For anyone who wants to do white hat SEO to be successful. In this article, Som Cat has 6 great techniques to share with you. Let’s see what can help make your SEO easy and help increase your chances of getting ranked. And prepare the website to be on the first page of the search results sustainably. Let’s go and watch it together.

– Understand user search intent

Search Intent is the intention of search engine users like Google. Getting to know and understand why Google users search for that particular keyword will help website creators know how to do Keyword Research, for example, Informational Intent is the type of Search Intent used to find. preliminary information, etc.

– Doing keyword research

after knowing The target group has Search Intent. However, it can be used in planning Keyword Research, which must also look at whether that Keyword has Search Volume or not, whether it is relevant to the business or not. and can compete or not to create website content that helps to rank in that keyword effectively

– Make quality content

Creating content that is unique and useful to readers The content should be comprehensive, consistent with the keyword and the business. Including having a clear SEO principle structure will help make SEO more efficient. (Check out how to write a good SEO article at What is an SEO article? See how to write a detailed SEO article based on On-Page principles.)

– Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a link within your own website. By writing content and making links to various pages With various methods such as writing Anchor Text, which is a popular internal linking technique and helps to improve SEO rankings as well.

– Creating external links (External Linking)

External Linking is the act of linking out to relevant external websites. This helps Google to know what the content of your website is about. By making good external links, you should only link to relevant and trusted websites. to enhance the efficiency of SEO Read more “list your business in the” “free and paid submission to the” “add your site” statistics

– Customization of website structure

As I said, Google focuses on following the rules that Google has set, such as the Core Web Vitals rule that mainly talks about the performance of the website. Which you should adjust to make the website easy to access and fast, such as improving Page Speed, using standard web page structures such as HTML and CSS to make the website efficient in loading and displaying, etc.

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